Benefits of Super-fast Broadband

There are huge benefits to having Superfast Broadband for everybody.
Though the needs of different users will vary for each task, whatever you use the internet or email for now, Superfast Broadband will enable you to do it more quickly and will open up new ways of using the internet, transforming the way you can work or play.
We have outlined a few of the many benefits for home users, which include quicker movie downloads, streaming high definition TV and films, plus music and e-books or upload videos and photos, enjoy online gaming and help care for the vulnerable with a faster speed and more reliable connection.
Steady and reliable connections regardless of number of people using the internet in your home
Make instant back ups Contact your family, friends or colleagues to talk face to face with high definition video and webcams or over different applications.
Watch TV and films when you want to either from just pressing play or downloading- both of which will take much less time to do and will play back much more reliably with superfast broadband.
You could sign up to distance learning courses and have confidence in your internet connection to take part in virtual discussions.
New ‘telecare’ services will help some people needing care to be able to continue to live in their own homes
You can work from home just as effectively as from a city office, so you may be able to work more flexibly, working for your employer from home at least some of the time
You could even consider setting up your own business from home as you will now have the world class connectivity that could give you the edge.
There are numerous benefits of Superfast Broadband for business users too. These include faster file transfers, better reliability, more effective usage of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and other remote technologies – among many others.
Superfast broadband will boost your productivity and streamline the way you connect with customers and suppliers:
Faster speeds even at the busiest times of day mean you can upload large files such as complex graphics and videos in a fraction of the time
Reliable and consistent service regardless of the number of users at one site using the internet at the same time
Enables applications you may never have considered, such as remote working, high definition video conferencing and instant back up of data
Access the latest and best business software through ‘cloud computing’ services, taking away any hassles of back-up, additional file storage hardware, security and upgrades
New ways of reaching out to customers such as through increased use of video over the internet and internet telephony ‘Business anywhere anytime’ as use of virtual private networks and other applications means working from home and on the move is seamless and better connected.